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Due to its big experience, La Glacière knows what are the various aspects which raise generally problem. Here is a small list of advice intended to facilitate you the life :

  • Due to their low temperature, ice cubes and crushed ice can stick together. To resolve this problem, drop the bag on a plane and hard surface (the ground) in a horizontal way and of a height about 50 cms. If the problem persists, do not hesitate to turn the bag and to repeat the operation.
  • At the time of the purchase, do not hesitate to park on the car park foreseen for that purpose.
  • If this one is already occupied, you can park in front of our company, our service being fast, the already present customer will not have to wait in a mindless way. Furthermore, if there is really none of these places of free, you can park on the other side of the street for the time of the load.
  • Please plan space in your trunk, our bags quickly set of the volume in your car especially if this one is already blocked by bottles, foods or snacks. Also, the city cars (of type " Smart ") have only a volume of limited load.
  • Try to estimate the number of bottles which will be consumed during the event. This number will be determining in the elaboration of your order.
  • Numerous are the ones who foresee tubs to deposit our products there. Very good idea, but it is necessary to avoid the metal as much as possible because heat conductor, our goods will melt more quickly.
  • To preserve better our products, plan an old cover or a big cardboard in your trunk. It will be very useful for you during your long routes and you will avoid moistening (although it is only about water) your leather with a possible condensation stemming from our products.
  • Also, once arrived, it's better to snuggle up bags some against the others, the cold will hold longer in this way.
  • Put your bottles on ice one hour before the beginning of your reception so that they are for good temperature from the beginning.
  • For the small quantities, we advise you to provide an insulated bag or cooler to better conserve our products. Also remember to make room in your freezer.

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