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Ice blocks

Besides the traditional ice, we also make blocks of ice intended for the sculpture. It measures 1,00 x 0,50 x 0,25 metre and weigh approximately 125kg, that's why we ask you to foresee your orders longer in advance that it's possible to you to make it.

These blocks are particularly appreciated in winter thanks to their most long-lasting time of conservation. Furthermore, we cannot make it during all year. Indeed, we can propose them only during a certain period which extends of the beginning of October at the end of April because the heat of the summer can provoke a thermal shock which would split - even would break - the whole block exposed to strong heat.

In the same way, a block of ice has to adapt itself to the ambient temperature before beginning to work it. The block is going to become covered generally at first with vapor (condensation), and it is necessary to wait that this one disappears gradually before beginning to sculpture it to avoid any crack in the block.

There's not so long time of it, La Glacière took charge with sculpturing them with the direct help of an artist. But this one left and we tried hard for a long period to find a person having the same talents. In spite of all our efforts, we hadn't found that person.

Nevertheless, we can guide you to independent persons knowing how to work the ice in an artistic way. They can take charge with sculpturing the ice blocks directly at the place, allowing you like this to observe the evolution of their works.

Inclusions in blocks are also possible but ask for time of manufacturing who is indispensable to their realization. You will cause sensation during your official receptions, ceremonies, marriages, banquets, sideboard and the other events of your company.

The price is 110 € + 23,10 € (VAT), that is 133,10 € VATI for a unit without inclusion. For an inclusion, please ask us for an offer, because everything depends on possibilities and on technical aspects.
Ice block

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