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Crushed ice

The crushed ice is only drinkable.

The manufacturing process of the drinkable crushed ice follows that of the ice cubes : purified water and cleaned of its limestone by means of a specific machine. The use of this type of ice prevails for the conception of cocktails and is ideal for cocktails bars, hotels, restaurants, ice-cream makers, theme bars, night clubs or simply at home for attempting the experience.

La Glacière also thought of proposing you the drinkable crushed ice, only intended to cool your bottles.

Indeed, the interest of the crushed ice, with regard to ice cubes, can mainly hold the fact that the cooling is faster (the contact area being bigger because multiple). Its custom is thus more suited when the ice has to adapt itself to a certain shape, a bottle for example, because it "surrounds it" better than what would make ice cubes. This also apply to cool the physical inflammations, the industrial installations or still for the display of fishes and dishes of seafoods.

  • Bags of 2kg of drinkable crushed ice
    2,36 € + 0,14 € (TVA) = 2,50 € TVAC

  • Bags of 10kg of drinkable crushed ice
    7,55 € + 0,453 € (TVA) = 8,00 € TVAC
Crushed ice 2kg


Perfect for cocktails, crushed ice allows you to prepare many ideas with or without alcohol according to your tastes and desires.

Feel free to compose or to follow the more traditional recipes such as the Mojito, Daiquiri, Caipirinha, and much more !

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