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Ice cubes

For aesthetic reasons, La Glacière proposes you ice cubes of almost cubic shape, measuring exactly 28 x 28 x 32 millimeters. Our fabrication method consisting of additions of fine successive layers of water confer them a total transparency, what makes them much more elegant to the eyes than the ice cubes made by means of your traditional "ice-cube trays".

Usually used to cool drinks, they are put directly in glasses but can also be used to refresh your bottles.

The packagings available on our address are the following ones :

  • Bags of 2kg counting approximately 100 ice cubes, so 50 glasses at the rate of 2 ice cubes by glass :

    2,36 € + 0,14 € (VAT) = 2,50 € VATI

Ice cubes
  • Bags of 10kg counting approximately 500 ice cubes, so 250 glasses at the rate of 2 ice cubes by glass :

    7,55 € + 0,453 € (VAT) = 8,00 € VATI

Ice cubes 2kg
For small quantities, we invite you to go to our shop.

You will find bags of 2kg of crushed ice and ice cubes who are always in stock.

Finally, for the industrial quantities, please contact us for the elaboration of a particular offer.

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