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Dry ice

The dry ice is also know as « dry snow ». Stemming from the solidification of the liquid CO2, we obtain some dry snow which is then compressed to become dry ice.

It sublimates in the form of gas by leaving no residue what makes that the frozen product and its packaging remain thus intact. At -78.5°C, its capacity of cooling is very important. It is obvious that in this temperature, no germ or bacterium can contaminate your products.

Other advantage, the dry ice has neither taste nor smell, thus distorting not at all the quality of your foodstuffs. Sold under several forms, La Glacière proposes it to you in the form of cylindrical pellets of an average length about 2 cms, and of a diameter approximately of 0.8 cms.

Its uses are multiple : conservation (for example the time to de-ice your freezer), cleaning, searching, catering, food cryogenics, undertaker's or effects of smoke for the private as well as for the cinema, the studios and the dancings.

We sell it to the kilo, with fixed price :

Dry ice
  • Per kilo : 2,07 €/kg + 0,43 €/kg (VAT) =
    2,50 €/kg VATI


The temperature of the dry ice is such as she can engender burns by the cold. It is thus indispensable to provide you with means of protection (gloves) before any manipulation. Furthermore, strong concentrations can lead to the asphyxiation due to the carbon dioxide. The symptoms can be a loss of consciousness or motricity. Thus take away the children of smokes brought out by the ice. Finally, do not transport nor store the ice in hermetic bowls. The gas escaping can blow up the packaging. Refer to the indications registered on the packaging.

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