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La Glacière proposes a product range fully drinkable. The drinkable ice declines itself under two forms : ice cubes, cubes intended to be put into glasses and drinkable crushed ice which has the same custom as the ice cubes but more often used for cocktails.

Crushed ice is intended to cool drinks in a bathtub or in plastic tubs.

Our products

Our industrial stock allows you to come to pick up the goods without having to take order beforehand.

We guarantee you products of irreproachable quality thanks to a stocking in the average temperature of -18°C, necessary for the accumulation of the energy of the cold.
But concretely, the process of manufacture of these two types of ice is quite similar : the drinkable crushed ice, like the ice cubes, uses the city water after the passage by a water softener (which removes the limestone of the water).

Finally, all our products are made by respecting the standards HACCP as well as the standards relative to the environment.

Our products

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