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An experience of 16 years in the profession passes by the rigour, the know-how, the seriousness, the service and naturally, the respect for the customer stay a priority. We help very often the customer in the choice of the quantities with regard to his needs.

Almost constantly pioneer in all the domains relative to its sector, La Glacière grants a big importance for the consideration strictly connected to our manufacturing which necessarily has to pass by the laws (regulations) imposed and always more severe in the field of the manufacturing of foodstuffs.

To do it, we made big investments in 1994, to update us in the new standards taking course on January first, in 1995.

The legislation is so complex and evolutionary in this domain, which it was necessary for us, to stay in the main platoon, to make us assist by an independent consultant. This asks for efforts as well as for constant investments.

Furthermore, we are annually audited by an independent organization accredited by the ministry of the economic affairs.

It allows us to obtain typical certificates that our products are made well in the standards HACCP + a license of manufacture of the AFSCA + a certificate Fedis Food for SMF, what represents a quality security in the process of manufacture of our products.

In the same way, we grant an increasing importance as regards the respect for the environment. Indeed, the environmental questions are very often complex and are a part integral of the concerns of our company.

They bring us to numerous reflections and to find solutions in economy of energy, as for example the optimization of the return on our machines, routes of our vehicles, and especially the economy of the water as well as its specific management : the water and our ice cubes are regularly controlled by an independent and accredited laboratory.

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